Saturday, October 24, 2009

Liberace and Edward R. Murrow

Tacit defense of gay marriage, notice how very deftly Liberace chooses his words:

Edward R. Murrow:
Have you given much thought to getting married and eventually settling down?
Well, actually I have. Ed. I've given a lot of thought to marriage, but I don't believe in getting married just for the sake of getting married. I want to someday find the perfect mate and settle down to what I hope will be a marriage that will be blessed by faith and will be a lasting union. In fact, I was reading about lovely young Princess Margaret, and she's looking for her dream man, too. I hope she finds him some day.

Liberace on Edward R. Murrow's television show
Person to Person January 6, 1956

Later in the interview Liberace makes some flirty comments about the young, pretty, and single Princess Margaret, implying that he might want to marry her. Royal glam and glitter enough to make him switch teams?

This DVD set is a remarkable 3-disc collection of historic 1950s material. Although staged and somewhat contrived, the conversations are at times remarkably intimate. Murrow interviews them in their own homes and introduces us to spouses and children. I was particularly moved by Oscar Hammerstein's heartfelt thoughts on the dangers of parents teaching hatred to their children. Murrow's approach is very dry and unintrusive, letting the guests talk about whatever's on their mind.

Meera, not as familiar with the celebrities of the era, took delight in supplementing the experience by consulting Wikipedia, finding juicy details along the way about the future fates of these people, their careers and marriages.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ten Movies I've Seen Since the Last List

Sandy Dennis, Cher, and Karen Black in Robert Altman's Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

And for good measure, a book I actually finished reading...

Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 2008 in 24 Hours, James Foxall

Very useful.