Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Topical Limericks



There are beasts on some Iowan farms
Which have suffered unspeakable harms,
Though we might like to eat them,
It is wrong to mistreat them,
Let's not bust those who sound the alarms.


Plastic forks now restored to the scene,
Some House members at lunchtime convene,
Their crowing erupts,
Toasting Styrofoam cups,
"Cafeterias aren't meant to be green!"


Were it up to the Haitians to choose,
Aristide at the polls could not lose
But with some trepidation
He returns to his nation
With a woeful aversion to coups.

Story: Plane carrying Aristide takes off for Haiti from South Africa


On war doctrine presidents vary
Some are rash to attack, some are wary,
But without full reliance
On a robust alliance
Things can quickly become very hairy.

Story: The U.N. Security Council passed a resolution on Libya. What happens next?


Although there is plenty of precedent
Kucinich and others are reticent;
Nay, it makes their blood boil
To attack sovereign soil
With only a nod from the President.


U.S. law unequivocally states,
As per Article I, Section 8
In a pesky proviso:
Launching war or reprisal
Is for Congress alone to mandate.

Story: Kucinich calls Obama’s attack on Libya ‘an impeachable offense’
March 21, 2011


South Dakota has passed legislation
That kicks in at the point of gestation.
To assist with your choice
The state's pro-life voice
Has three days to deter termination.

Source: South Dakota Requires Visit to Pregnancy Center Before Abortion


Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
Knew that one day her poor heart would fail her,
With the close of the curtain
She may join Richard Burton
While her fans worldwide bewail her.

Story: Elizabeth Taylor, Lifelong Screen Star, Dies at 79

When the news of the world gets to be too distressing, sometimes it's helpful to write limericks. I know that to be true, but I cannot prove it. This post is likely to grow new limericks. As you see, right now there are only eight.


There once was a woman from Libya
Who fractured her leg in Namibia.
A turn for the worse
For the end of this verse
That the bone that she broke was her femur.

March 24, 2011