Monday, February 13, 2012

Modern Office Report Design

Condensed email exchange in which our hero gets feedback for a purchase report he created.

Nicholas: I’ve installed the new Purchase report in the Report Test Environment folder of the Report Manager site. Let me know if it looks good, or needs changes, or if you’d like me to move it into the main production XXX Report Set.

John: It looks good! I think it can be put into production, Kathleen?

Kathleen: I love it and Melanie thought it was great too.

Nicholas: Okay, the Purchase Report is now the newest addition to the XXX Report Set.

John: I’m not so sure about the colors…

Nicholas: Now you tell me! (The report writer utility created the color scheme. )

John: I don’t really care, I’m kidding…

Kathleen: I like the soft green and yellow. Seems fresh and a little organic, kind of like daisies in a meadow on a warm springtime day.

Nicholas: As I was saying, I took great care to craft the color scheme for maximal user-friendliness.

John: You guys are both sick…

Kathleen: Sweet!

John: See attached

Nicholas: Laughing my ass off…I mean, LOL.

Kathleen: Made my day. Thanks.