Monday, October 6, 2008

The Eternal Idol, Dancing Sculpture (video)

Here it is! Exquisite, graceful, and sensuous sculpture and music inform this extraordinary ballet performance from the Michael Smuin Ballet.

I remember seeing this on the ARTS channel (Classic Arts Showcase) years ago...based on Rodin's sculpture, "The Eternal Idol", a ballet sequence set to the larghetto movement of Chopin's 2nd Piano Concerto by Michael Smuin. Beautiful and sensual.

Dancers: Marjorie Grundvig and Lee Bell.

YouTube video by eogmi24.


Anonymous said...


I saw it there too and have been occasionally looking for a DVD or video of it ever since.

I did manage to find a site with some stills from it but not a video until now.

Anonymous said...

Marjorie Grundvig is one super-hot chick! -- Jim Koy

Johnny said...

It would be pedantic to say that Ms. Grundvig was my muse. It is perhaps more acurate to say that she was my Beatrice. I worshipped at her alter for a number of years, and please do forgive my reminiscence.
Now I hope that she is happy and fulfilled in all that she does.

Thanks for this,

Prov. 27:5

Frances said...

Thanks so much for putting this video online. I'd been trying to find a video of it. I feel it's a perfect match between ballet and music.

Jazz Spy said...

absolutely gorgeous and a reminder of how much great art is lost-thanks for finding this!

Sunshine1ny said...

An exquisitely romantic and perfectly performed tribute to life, love, and Rodin by two wonderfully talented artists, Marjorie Grundvig and Lee Bell. Wonder what they are doing now. Such a gift they gave us through The late Michael Smuin's choreography, who died too early.

Felicerenee said...

Does anyone know this rendering of Chopin Concerto 2 for piano? was it live music or a recording. Interested to know who the pianist was?