Sunday, June 29, 2008

Congratulations, Julian!

Congratulations, Julian!
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Julian Rides at Last!

Today Julian got the hang of gyrodynamics and learned to ride his bike for the first time. He's had it for three years, but it's been frustrating and intimidating for him. Today he finally got it, and it's like he's been riding all along.

Meanwhile, Gabriel is on a faster track to be bike enabled.

Julian got a bicycle almost 3 years ago, and would try every so often, and then get discouraged and embarrassed, and then it would sit in the shed for months at a time. His five-year-old brother, Gabriel (pictured here) is now anxious to learn, and that must have motivated Julian to learn once and for all.

This is Julian starting to learn three years ago:

This week Julian also learned how to blow bubble gum bubbles, but I neglected to get photographic documentation.

(His parents aren't big on the gum chewing thing...)

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