Monday, December 15, 2008

Dressed in Fir (photo)

dressed in fir, originally uploaded by I, Puzzled.

We took our traditional trip to the Christmas tree farm, Crest Ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains, yesterday. Gabriel was cold and wrapped himself in the boughs of a tall fir tree.


axolotl9 said...

was there still snow on the ground? I am informed by my neighbor who went up Saturday afternoon that it was snowing at the time she was there.

Puzzled said...

We were there on Sunday, and, well, sorta, I guess you could say there was snow, but it was about as light as it could possibly be and still be called snow. Tiny specks of ice fluff that occasionally stuck to clothes long enough to detect it, but disappeared without a trace once it hit the ground. It didn't show up on the pictures, but it was better than no snow whatsoever.

Puzzled said...

No, was Saturday when we went, not Sunday.