Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm doing the no-alcohol-in-January to join me?

As someone who appreciates the joys of alcohol, but also recognizes its sundry deleterious effects, I have found it useful to take a break from consuming it. Santa Cruz columnist Bruce Bratton proposed this idea of a booze-free January decades ago, and most Januarys I like to observe it. It gives me a chance to reflect on whether the joys of imbibing outweigh the negatives. The jury always seems to be perpetually out on this.

If you're a moderate to immoderate drinker, I hope you will consider this proposal. It's always nice to know others are doing this with me. I should have posted this earlier...if you start a few days late, just finish a few day's later.

Those of you who have quit alcohol for good, I very much honor your success.

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