Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vintage Shorts Index (DVD special features)

Here are some of the vintage short subjects, cartoons, blooper reels (Warner Bros. called them Breakdowns) , etc., that appear as part of the special features for movies in our DVD collection. I decided to compile a list, because I can never remember where to find them. Some are real gems, others are just interesting historically. The old blooper reels are fascinating. This is just a start. I'll be continuously updating this list...unless I get to be too lazy or it becomes too tedious.

Jack Benny in the droll 1930 short The Rounder.

Sorted by Main Feature title:

Ted Healy and the His Stooges in Beer and Pretzels (1933)

Sorted by short subject title:
*Not in my collection

Vintage Shorts (Medieval Underwear)

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