Saturday, May 16, 2009

Musica della sera ─ Early English Composers

The latest Musica della sera show is now up on the Internet to enjoy on demand; see below for locating the link. This program will be available until Thursday, May 21, 2009 (Get it while it lasts!)

In my mother's day they called the kind of music I play on the show "funeral music". Well, in this case, it's literally true. A good chunk of the program was devoted to, quoting the liner notes:

The complete music for Queen Mary's funeral, newly assembled and edited, and performed in Westminster Abbey by the Abbey Choir for the first time since 1695.

Comprised of compositions by Henry Purcell, Thomas Tollet, John Paisible, Thomas Morley, Purcell's contribution is best known; his funeral march provided the theme, in a synthesized treatment by Wendy Carlos, for Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. I'm also very fond of the trumpet canzona he wrote for the occasion. Alas, Purcell himself was to die the year following the queen's funeral. Though he was only 36, his contribution to music was great.

William Byrd and Thomas Tallis also made great contributions to music. They had considerably more time to work on it, living to the ripe old ages of 86 and 80, respectively. Judging from these portraits they look as if maybe they were one and the same person.

I also played two lute pieces by Anonymous, though no one can be sure if they were one and the same Anonymous. I could find no definitive portrait of either one. Notable is the piece "My Lady Carey's Dompe", so charming I could not resist playing it twice, to bookend the lute set. The lutenist, Paul O'Dette, and I highly recommend this particular album of his, The Royal Lewters

The program ends with Thomas Tallis' sublime Lamentations of Jeremiah in a tight vocal arrangement sung by six choral scholars who go by the name The King's Singers.

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You can see exactly what was played and who performed it by referring to the playlist (originally broadcast 5/14/2009).

My wife, Meera Collier-Mitchell, and I take turns hosting the classical radio program Musica della sera on Thursday evenings, 7-9:30 (PT). This week I hosted. Listen at your convenience:

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