Monday, May 11, 2009

Ten more movies under my belt...

Also, a rare event, I finished reading two whole books...
Both books I highly recommend for entirely different reasons.

Ron Suskind, by describing the lives of various people, offers a positive approach to solving the world's most daunting and difficult problems associated with the so-called "War on Terror", and basically, his conclusion, with guarded optimism, comes down to humanity and understanding.

Stephen Fry writes with candor and wit about his early life and education, when he grappled with sexuality, infatuation, and obsession, and fell into misadventures of petty theft that led to felonious credit card fraud.

As for the movies, Norma Shearer in The Divorcée is an utter delight, part of the Forbidden Hollywood DVD series from Turner Classic Movies, highlighting some of the best films made after the silent era ended in the late 1920s and the censorship of the Hays Code began to be strictly enforced in 1934.

I never thought much of the James Bond films, but I found the 2006 Casino Royale to be utterly compelling, engaging, exciting, enjoyable.

I had never see The Front before, either. Well worth seeing.

is also wonderful. I hadn't realized it was such an old movie...pre-Totoro. The brilliant imagination and vivid animation of Miyazaki is breathtaking.

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