Saturday, April 28, 2007

From "Everyone's Photos" on my Flickr Home Page a moment ago (photo)

PICT2768.JPG This photo is by mikehillwig.

Sometimes a photo comes across the Everyone's Photos stream that you've just got to click.

Thanks for the smile, Mike, whoever you are!
    From Today's Soundtrack

  • It’s All Too Beautiful─Small Faces
  • And I Love Her─The Beatles─A Hard Day’s Night
  • Water Babies─Miles Davis─Columbia Years 1955-85, Disc 3, Originals/Moods
  • Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta (The Village Awaits the New Moon)─Värttinä─Seleniko (with a shout out to lionlady)
  • John Tavener: The Last Sleep of the Virgin─The Chilingirian Quartet;Iain Simcock, Handbells─The Last Sleep of the Virgin
  • Overs (Live)─Simon & Garfunkel─The Essential Simon & Garfunkel
  • Ravel: Bolero─Frank Zappa
  • La Vie En Rose─Madeleine Peyroux─Dreamland
  • Be My Love─Keith Jarrett, piano─The Melody At Night, With You
  • Hallelujah─Imogen Heap

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