Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Wife's New Blog and Twin Peaks Revisited!

Spoiling Sugimoto, originally uploaded by I, Puzzled.

Meera told me this morning how much she loves this shot, so, voila! c'est une blogule. And you can go here check out Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Yesterday she launched her blog, Boulder Crecian, so we're both off and running. Check it out!

* * *

My thinking hasn't been very cohesive the last several days, so my blog has been all photos and background music. Too many distractions, an attention span too short.

I meant to file a lawsuit against the United States Congress for abdicating their power to declare war and ceding it to a clearly incompetent president, such a glaring violation of the Constitution. The case is a slam dunk, really...but I had laundry and dishes to do. And since Clinton Proposes Vote to Reverse Authorizing War, I hope there's some progress on the issue without my help. The article says:
Mostly, Mrs. Clinton appeared to be trying to claim a new leadership position among the Democratic presidential candidates against the war in Iraq.
Well, if that's the case, I'll have to admit I fell for it. I hope it's not just bloviation. It seems to have dropped off the front page already.

* * *

I've been enjoying Season 2 of Twin Peaks, and, as of last night's viewing marathon, the Laura Palmer case is now solved. Meera had already revealed to me whodunit back when the first season came out on DVD...I don't know what she was thinking, but our marriage survived the incident. I go to great pains in my life to avoid even the most seemingly insignificant of spoilers, which makes me an obnoxious conversationalist when the topic of something I haven't seen and want to see comes up.

I thought it interesting that the family resemblance was strong enough for me to identify Mrs. Tremond's grandson as David Lynch's son. Meera caught the confirming credit at the end of the episode, Austin Jack Lynch. Mrs. Tremond was the nextdoor neighbor of Harold Smith, the shut-in that so intrigued Donna Hayward.

* * *

One of the reasons I write in my journal is to solve personal problems, and adjust my behavior for the better. Having written in a diary for years, and having struggled with many of the same weaknesses and vices with very little improvement, it's difficult to assert that the effort has been a success, but I take it on faith that it is. The day to day seems better for keeping a journal. And I have definitely grown as a person.

The blog is an extension of my personal journal, and I hope it will also help me to make improvements in my life. There are many issues to grapple with, and I want to address them as I go.

Item #1 on my agenda: Appreciate what I have, stay engaged with the blessings, don't miss out on the charms of life because of being dogged by petty anxieties and annoyances.

Item #2 is to stop giving numbers to my issues, because this self-improvement approach has got to be non-linear.

The house is a mess, and time is limited, so I'll resume this process later.

    From the day's playlist...

  • I Ain’t Marching Anymore─Phil Ochs
  • Changes─Phil Ochs
  • The New Nubia─Suliman Gamil─Global Meditation
  • Johann Michael Bach: Herr, ich warte auf dein Heil─Motets de la famille Bach
  • Festival dance of the Bena Luluwa─Sanza & Guitar: Music of the Bena Luluwa of Angola and Zaire
  • These Foolish Things─Bille Holiday and Her Orchestra─Smithsonion Collection of Classic Jazz
  • Köln: Part I─Keith Jarrett, piano


Lauren said...

Yes, yes, yes. It's so important to appreciate what one has, and I don't do it nearly often enough.

And thank you for posting about Sugimoto! I love those photographs, and I could never remember the name.

Puzzled said...

Today, as prelude to an afternoon nap, I consciously and actively appreciated the fat fuzzy cat named Piper who resides with us, and he expressed his appreciation with obliging nuzzles, languid stretches, and soporific purrs.

Also, I've been keeping your Zen Minutes post in mind; meditation is a valuable exercise in today's frenetic world.

EllaL said...

So, since you mention Twin Peaks...I've been wanting to get DH to watch it for a while now (I saw the whole thing on TV back in the day, but I want to watch it again), but there's this whole issue with the pilot not being out on DVD. Where did you get your copy of the pilot from? Did you download it somewhere, or buy one of the imported versions they sell at amazon? The reviews make it sound like the quality is pretty hit-or-miss, so I'm not sure if I want to invest in what might be a really crappy-sound version. Any suggestions for where I might find a good pilot copy?

Puzzled said...

I was just talking with Meera about the odd look of the TP Pilot DVD, with its prominent Chinese language options suggesting it might be black market. How weird and annoying that it isn’t available through regular means. It should be a part of the 1st Season box set. I don't know anything about the whys and wherefores.

Apparently Meera bought the Twin Peaks pilot on Amazon back in 2004, from a third party seller, and paid around $18.00 for it. We had no complaints about the visual quality.

Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to have a Twin Peaks party at our little house, located as it is up in the dark eerie woods, and watch the Pilot, and maybe an episode or two of Season 1, while we eat donuts and pie (huckleberry or cherry) and drink coffee? Let’s do that!

Otherwise, you can borrow our copy. The DVDs of both seasons are worth buying, I think; some episodes have commentary tracks and there are sundry other special features, but I haven’t gotten around to exploring them much yet...always wary of spoilers till I've seen the whole series.

EllaL said...

A Twin Peaks party would be great! Especially if it involved, you know, pie! I've waited years (literally) to get DH to watch Twin Peaks, in hopes that the studios would get over their ridiculous lawsuits and release the damn pilot properly. But it's getting to the point where I've pretty much given up hope that it's ever going to happen, so maybe it's time to suck it up and watch a pirated version so that we can get on with watching the rest of the episodes. And your house in the eerie woods would definitely be the perfect setting...let's do it! I'm tired of making sly Twin Peaks references and getting nothing but blank stares from my husband. :)

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