Wednesday, May 2, 2007

what you will

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Now that I've blustered into bloghood and established myself (sort of), I'm finding that I'm suddenly very timid about posting here. I want to have content worthy of my few kindly readers, and lately my cerebral output seems to be of the tediously mundane variety...but here goes anyway, nothing profound or creative to see here today.

I do want to mark this day. It's the first anniversary of my having joined the legions of iPod owners.

It was kind of an impulse buy. I was very trepidatious, self-conscious that it was a gratuitously frivolous expense. In retrospect it made perfect sense, and has since proven to be worth every penny. I adore a wide variety of musical styles, have a large CD collection, and 60 gigabytes is ample room to store lots and lots of stuff for glorious easy access.

In the past I wouldn't get around to enjoying a lot of this music, because─now get this─the effort of retrieving any given CD from the shelf and putting it in the player is sometimes just too much in this age of impatience (and yet, believe it or not, there are (very rare) occasions when I do put an LP on the turntable).

To date I'm using less than 2/3 of my iPod capacity. After a fever in the beginning of ripping and loading compulsively, I tapered off quite a bit. I add to my iPod only once in a while now. But I listen to it daily. I love those auto-playlists, and the track audition counter.

As I thought about how to illustrate this post, I realized that I have taken no photographs of my iPod. I don't know what that says, except it's not very photogenic. I still use the original white sleeve it came with, which got smudged and dingy right away, giving it the appearance of a rectangular version of an old LP of the White Album (Yes, I ripped that CD, too.). Ungrateful owner that I am, I've never even given my iPod a name. Maybe I should have a naming contest.

In other mundane news, I purchased the 2nd Season of Twin Peaks a couple nights ago. I didn't watch the series when it first aired because I didn't have access to TV broadcasts. Still don't. So I watched the first season for the first time on DVD when it came out. I think a lot of people are learning that this is the best way to watch a good television series. No commercials, pristine image quality, all those yummy extra features.

But instead of delving into Season Two of the series last night, as seemed the natural thing, Meera suggested we watch the 1st Season all over again. I'm glad she did. There are so many details I had missed or forgotten. For one thing, orienting all those characters with the plot was awfully confusing the first time around.

Last night I couldn't stop myself. I watched the pilot, and the first three episodes till about 3:00 in the morning. Damn, it's a fun and brilliant show.

Whelp, that's all he wrote. I seem to have left the insights in my old kit bag.

Happy May Day Boxing Day, everyone.

    From Today's Soundtrack

  • Obiero─Ayub Ogada─En Mana Kuoyo
  • Augusta Read Thomas: Love Is a Beautiful Dream─Chanticleer─Chanticleer: A Portrait
  • Fall Line─Jack Johnson─In Between Dreams
  • What Are They Doing in Heaven Today? ─The Be Good Tanyas─Hello Love
  • I Got Rhythm─Don Byas and Slam Stewart─Smithsonian Collection Of Classic Jazz
  • Raga Zilla Kafi, Alap; Vilambit and Drut Gats in Tintal─Tejendra Narayan Majumdar, sarod; Kumar Bose, tabla
  • Golden Slumbers─k.d. lang─Happy Feet (movie soundtrack)
  • Do Right Woman, Do Right Man─Aretha Franklin─Global Divas

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O'Donovan said...

I will just note that sometimes I simply come here for insights into Puzzled, not necessarily the greater universe. It's all interesting.