Friday, May 4, 2007

martini lover, gin lover (photo)

Martini-1, originally uploaded by I, Puzzled.

Even though she hates gin, my dear wife quite enjoyed this excellent NYT article on the art of the martini, and brought it to my attention. As I am rather fond of this cocktail and the author of the article seems to know his stuff, I thought I might as well blog the sucker. I'm rather fond of Tanqueray ordinaire, and for premium sipping gin, I enjoy Hendrick's straight (from the freezer) in a small shot glass. I have yet to try many of the fancier varieties discussed in the article.

They didn't discuss the olive component, though. The traditional pimiento-stuffed variety doesn't do much for me. Perhaps I'm gauche, but the flavor flair of garlic-stuffed is my favorite. Less often I'll go for olives stuffed with a cube of bleu cheese, or a chunk of jalapeño.
    From today's playlist:

  • Papa pique, Mama coud─Charles Trene─Trenet: Boum! (Greatest Recordings, 1937-43)
  • Brigadier Sabari─Alpha Blondie
  • Berlioz: Harold en Italie, Op. 16─London Symphony Orchestra, Sir Colin Davis, cond./Nobuko Imai, viola─Berlioz Great Orchestral Works
  • Hello Love─The Be Good Tanyas─Hello Love
  • Debussy: Preludes, Book I: La fille aux cheveux de lin─Pascal Rogé, piano─Debussy: Preludes I & II
  • The Intro and the Outro─Bonzo Dog Band─Gorilla (with a shout out to BurstOfLethargy on Waydrnophone!)
  • Thai Elephant Orchestra Wow, amazing pachyderm percussion!
  • California Dreaming─Mamas & Papas (with a shout out to Amy Aberdeen!)


RevJen said...

Dang, Puzz. I'm saddened to see my favorite Bombay Sapphire so easily discounted.

I'm also a shaker, rather than a stirrer. I might have to dry one with more vermouth, though. I'm usually about 12:1, nowhere near the 4 or 5:1 they were talking about.

Meg said...

Thanks for the tip off! I've blogged about this as well. Apparently, my martinis have been full of discord and neuroses!

I too would welcome a separate review of olives. I still pine for Whole Foods' discontinued roasted red pepper-stuffed olives. At first I disliked them, but quickly grew addictively fond of their bright, fresh, crispness even though it hid most of the olive flavor.

"dry one with more vermouth"

:) to that typo, RevJen. My ideal is about 4:1:1, the last one being olive brine, of course.

Puzzled said...

Jangly flavors of mint, herbs and citrus, with detectable alcoholic heat: a neurotic martini.

I enjoy a sapphire martini once in a while, Jen. Calling it neurotic does seem a bit harsh. It is complex and bold, to be sure.

I'm a shaker, too...I like the aesthetic of the frosty cold metal cylinder, and the primal African sound of the shaking. I do worry about the bruising though...or more precisely, the fracturing; i.e., dilutive ice shards getting into the cocktail...a frequent offense of a less conscientious bartender.

Meg, I hope I can find those roasted red pepper-stuffed olives at Trader Joe's...I'm very intrigued.

I recommend adding 3 or 4 drops of Campari if you're in the mood for a zesty herbal blush. Any more than that changes the character altogether, yielding a fully fledged Negroni, which is very enjoyable, too, if you're in the mood.